How to use your daily morning email

Your daily email is your source for daily alerts and insights.

Each morning, you will receive a daily email with content, news, and intel from your assistant. 

In your email, you can receive: 

If you want to share ghostwritten content, articles, or posts from The Vault, simply click the 'Share' button.

Once you do that, you can edit the post and schedule it to be published.

Additionally, you can also queue articles by clicking on the 'Queue' button. Learn more about the Queue

Top tip: Include your own insights and perspectives when sharing articles. This not only engages your audience but also enhances your credibility as a market expert. Utilise the "Ghostwriter" feature while editing your post to automatically extract information from the article and generate a post.

If you're interested in viewing vacancies inside Paiger, click 'View in Paiger'. If you're short on time, you can save the vacancy to view later. To see all the live vacancies for the associated search, click on the title of the vacancy.


If you would like to change the frequency that Paiger suggests something for you to share, you can do so by heading to 'My Assistant' and clicking on 'Social Assistant'.

Here you can change the frequency you would like to post and amend your notification settings. You can turn off email notifications or change to SMS.