How to use Ghostwriter to create a post

In just a few easy steps, you can create your own post with any prompt using our AI assistant.

To access, click 'Share'.

From here, type your prompt in the text box.

Tip - the more you give this, the better the result will be. Give as much detail as possible - you can even type the tone you would like used! 

You can also select any of your saved prompts by clicking 'Saved Prompts'.

After a few seconds, Ghostwriter will automatically generate a post for you. Once generated, we highly recommend adding your personal touch by editing and customising the content to make it truly yours!

You can "chat back" to Ghostwriter to request any changes. For example: 

  • Make it shorter
  • Add bullet points
  • Change the tone 


We highly recommend using our AI Personality Settings to guarantee good quality posts every single time. Learn how here.

If you are a marketer and wish to write your own prompts, learn how to create advanced prompts here.

GW Write a post - saved prompts and chat back

Extract article content

If you want to share a link, Ghostwriter has the ability to automatically extract content from it. This includes summaries, key points, and opinions, which will save you time and effort.

To use this feature, simply include the link in the designated box and click on Ghostwriter. However, we highly recommend proofreading the generated post and making any necessary tweaks to ensure it aligns with your knowledge and opinions before posting.

GW Extraction

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