How to create, share and schedule a post

Paiger makes sharing posts easy. Use Ghostwriter to create text, upload your media, and schedule for a convenient time.


  1. Writing a post
  2. Uploading your media 
  3. Adding links and first comments
  4. Scheduling the post and other settings

To begin, click on 'share' on the left of your dashboard.


If you wish to broadcast to your colleagues, select your users and preferences here:

To find out more about broadcasting, click here.


Next, select which channel(s) you would like to share to.

Next, you can write your post

If you are stuck for ideas, you can create a prompt and select 'Ghostwriter' to create it for you. For help with using Ghostwriter, click here.

Paiger supports tagging companies and users on LinkedIn. If you have these set up, type '@' followed by the name. 

Learn how to set up and use tags here


Now you can select your media

We have a few options here. 

1. Upload your own image, video or gif. To do this select the '+' icon and upload.

You can upload the following file types: PNG, JPEG, MOV, MP4, and GIF. However, please note that Paiger does not currently support polls, multiple images, or carousels.


2. Record your own video

Click the video button under 'add an image' to record a video. Easily add subtitles and your company logo. 

To find out more about using video, click here.  

3. You can also select from a range of premade GIFs or connect your Canva, by clicking on 'more'. 

Click here to learn how to use Canva inside Paiger.

4. Select a branded image or GIF that your admin/marketing has uploaded to your account. 

To do this, click on the briefcase icon.

Then enter the text you would like to have on the design, select your preferred template and click 'build image'. 

This will generate an image for you. 



From here add any links or comments that you would like to be included.

Links appear as a clickable button on LinkedIn below images. Note - this only works for LinkedIn and won't appear on any other social platforms.

Comments are automatically added when the post goes live and help to increase engagement. 


Next, select the date and time that you wish to schedule the post.

Alternatively, you can choose to save it as a draft.

You can also choose a frequency for the post to be automatically reshared.

If you have set up categories, you can select this here. To find out about categories, click here.

In this section, you have the option to choose how frequently you want to reshare your post, making it easier to repurpose your content. To delete the reshare, head to the post on your schedule and click 'remove'. 

Paiger supports different audiences on LinkedIn - to learn how to set this up, click here.

Note - if you are an admin, you can choose to add any posts to The Vault. Select this before clicking share. 

Once you are happy with your post and chosen settings, click share and your post is then scheduled to go live!

To learn about your schedule, including editing posts, click here.