How to add, edit and delete Prompts

Every day your assistant delivers an original post to share on social media based on what you recruit for. Train your assistant in minutes by adding prompts.

By adding prompts, Ghostwriter will generate personalised AI-written posts for you. These posts will be delivered to your email daily, providing you with fresh content to use each day. No two posts will be the same. 

An important step to complete is setting up your AI Personality settings. Learn about this here

To access, click go to 'My Assistant' and click on 'Add Prompt'. 

Then click on 'add prompt', input your prompt here.

Your prompt should be a couple of sentences that cover the idea of the post. For example:

“Discuss how the recruitment landscape is changing and what this means for candidates and clients.”

Try the prompt to see if it works for you and tweak it until you are happy with the output. 

Click 'Add Prompt' to add it to your assistant. Prompts

Unsure where to begin? 

Learn how to use our 'Give Me Ideas' tool which generates ideas for your prompts for you. 


How to edit or delete a prompt

All of your prompts are listed in one place. From here, you can edit or delete. 

To edit, select the '📝' button to the right of the prompt. 

To delete, click the '❌' button.