How to add, edit and delete Prompts

Every day your assistant delivers an original post to share on social media based on what you recruit for. Train your assistant in minutes by adding prompts.

By adding prompts, Ghostwriter will generate personalised AI-written posts for you. These posts will be delivered to your email daily, providing you with fresh content to use each day.


To access, click go to 'My Assistant' and click on 'Add Prompt'. 

Then click on 'add prompt' to start adding some.

The more specific you are with your prompts, the better your results will be. Remember to keep it tailored to your industry. 

For example 'Tips on how to write a CV for a Marketing Executive'. 

Stuck on where to start? Click on 'give me ideas' and enter your specialism/sector and Paiger will give you some suggestions. Add any of these to your prompts by clicking on the green 'add' button.

Add prompt

How to edit or delete a prompt

All of your prompts are listed in one place. From here, you can edit or delete. 

To edit, select the '📝' button to the right of the prompt. 

To delete, click the '❌' button. 

Edit prompts