How to schedule content via SMS

Communicate with your Assistant via SMS to schedule and edit content suggestions.

Your Paiger assistant can send content suggestions to your phone, to learn how to set this up click here

If you choose to receive SMS text messages from Paiger, you will receive a text each time your assistant has found something new for you to share.

You can decide how often you want it to find something new for you in your settings.


Your text message will look something like this:



You can then decide what you want your assistant to do with his suggestion via text message.


If you reply YES; This means your assistant will share the article suggested to you within the next few minutes.


If you don’t get around to approving an article you like before your assistant finds something new, remember you can still approve shares in your account; either on your Dashboard or via Schedule.


If you reply UPDATE; This action allows you to update the status and hashtags - adding your own value.


All you need to do is reply the word update followed by what you would like your assistant to say.


Important: This will overwrite the status - make sure you include your capital letters and don't forget those hashtags!

Eg.  Paiger suggests:


Elvis Presley is alive! #theking #paiger


Your text message should read:


Update WOW! The King, Elvis Presley is alive! #thekingisback #imallshookup #ilovepaiger

If you reply NO; This means your assistant will not share the article suggested to you, it’s important to reply no to the articles you don’t want to share as it removes it from your Schedule.


If you reply ANOTHER; Your assistant will immediately find another article to suggest to you, be mindful that this action tells your Assistant that you didn't like the article it suggested. 


If you reply HASHTAGS; Paiger will update just the hashtags on the share with your suggestions.


For example, Paiger suggests:
Elvis Presley is alive! #theking #paiger


You can reply with:

Hashtags #thekingisback #imallshookup #ilovepaiger


and your share will be approved and go out as:

Elvis Presley is alive! #thekingisback #imallshookup #ilovepaiger


If you are the account administrator, you can reply BROADCAST; This means your assistant will broadcast this article to your users. They will receive a text message or email with your suggestion, and at the click of a button they can post the article you have suggested onto their own social media pages.