How to add a post to The Vault

Create a content library of branded evergreen content for your teams to use at any time.

To access, click on "Vault" on the left panel.

  • To add a post, click 'Add To Vault' and create your post as usual.
  • At the bottom, you can select the department and location that should have access to the post. You can click here to learn how to set up departments and locations for your users. 
  • You can also set an expiry date for any time-sensitive content. Once you've selected, click 'Add To Vault' at the bottom. 

A helpful tip is to add posts to The Vault directly from the 'share' tab. Simply schedule your post as usual and then select 'Add To Vault' at the bottom. This action will immediately store the post in The Vault, regardless of the scheduled date.

Vault add

Navigate to the 'Vault' on the left navigation menu to access items stored in the vault. Here, you can apply filters based on departments and locations and customise the order in which posts are displayed. 

You can also choose 'show all' to view all the posts you've added to the vault, regardless of departments and locations.

Posts in the vault are displayed in such a way that the most recently shared ones appear at the bottom. This layout encourages your teams to focus on sharing content that hasn't been shared recently, promoting diverse LinkedIn profiles. 

vault filter


Note for Enterprise accounts - When logged in to a parent account, you can add posts to the vault for each child account.

Just select the account name under 'Department'.

Child accounts will only ever see posts for their account.