How to manage users in your account

Paiger account admins have access to add, edit, or remove users. They can set up locations and departments and amend these at any time.

To access, click 'Users' at the top of Paiger. 

Users page

How to add a new user:

Click 'Add User'. From here you can input their details.

We will require their name and email address.

A phone number is required if opting for SMS suggestions.

Once you've added your user, we'll automatically send them a welcome email with their login details. We encourage you to let them know to look out for this email so they know to action it.

An optional step is to add a department and/or a location, this helps you to manage and organise users throughout Paiger and improves your functionality of tools such as Broadcasting and The Vault. 

If your user is a recruiter, we'll import their jobs into Paiger and begin sharing them automatically.

Add a new user

How to edit a user:

Editing a user is very simple. Just click on their name in your user list, this will take you to the settings for that user where you can make any changes before saving. 

You can easily navigate to their job sharing settings or their sites and keywords settings, as an admin you can amend their settings on their behalf. 

Edit a user

How to delete a user: 

Deleting a user is very similar to editing one. Again, just click on their name from the user list and in these settings, you can click 'delete user'. 

How to manage departments:

From your user list, click on 'Manage Departments'. 

From here, you can add or delete departments. Make sure that you save any changes! 

Edit departments