How to use Research

Research allows you to search the web in seconds to find a company's potential decision makers, information and open roles.

To access research, click on "Research" on the left panel.



Search for a company

To search for a company, insert the company name and link to their website. 

Paiger will then provide information on the following: 

  • An in-depth company overview
  • the latest news, tweets, and podcasts for key decision-makers
  • News mentioning the company
  • Live Google Jobs
  • Emails
  • Tech Stacks

 Add news alerts to 'My Assistant' and job alerts to "My Vacancies" with just a click of a button, and start receiving these in your daily morning email. 

Research key decision makers

Filter by job title and location to find the most relevant people. 

Look at news, blogs, podcasts etc. that feature them so that you can craft perfect cold outreach in seconds. No more spray and pray methods. 

Connect with them on LinkedIn with just a click of a button. 

Check out their social media pages, find employee email addresses and research their tech stack. 

After searching for a company, you will be able to access these at the top of the page. 



Wondering how Paiger sources email addresses available in Research?


We believe that data should be processed transparently which is why at Paiger, we only find publicly available professional email addresses on public webpages via a 3rd party.


By doing this, it allows us to have full data transparency, be GDPR and CCPA compliant.