How to use 'My Jobs'

Easily view active jobs, and create and share hot jobs.

To access, head to the Dashboard and under Candidate Sourcing, click the My Jobs button. 

If you don't see My Jobs on your account, it means you don't have any connected jobs. Contact us at or speak to your Admin.

My Jobs access

On this page you can see a list of all your active jobs that are connected to Paiger. 

You can manually share each job via the buttons on the right.

You can manually share each job or you can create an animated GIF of your hot jobs.

How to manually share a job

Click on the share button to the right of the job you wish you share. From here, select which branded template you would like to use.

Click 'Share' and this will take you to our Share tool where you can add your own text and schedule the post.


How to use Hot Jobs 

There are two ways to utilise Hot Jobs:

1. Manual Selection: You can manually choose three jobs to share by clicking on the select box next to each job title. Once you have made your selection, simply click the 'Share My Hot Jobs' button.

2. Automatic Selection: Alternatively, you can let Paiger automatically pick your latest three jobs. For this option, you can click 'Share My Hot Jobs' without needing to do anything else.

Paiger will generate a GIF using your branded templates.

After selecting your jobs, you will be directed to the Share page. Here, you can customize the text, choose which social media profile to share on (if you have multiple profiles), and schedule a time to post. 

Learn how to create, share and schedule a post here.