How to use Find Vacancies

Find Vacancies allows you to search job leads in your sector and filter via job title or company name.

Find Vacancies will deliver daily job leads to your recruiter's inbox from across the internet. We're scanning job boards, aggregators and career sites across the globe, filterable by job title, company name, and location, with over 90% of agency jobs removed for you and market intelligence.

To access, click Find Vacancies. 



Search by job title or company name

You can choose to search via job title or company name.

You can narrow the search to your industry by adding quotes around the job title, followed by your target industry. For example: "software engineer" FinTech. DON'T enter a boolean search.

Note - Searching via job title will only show results from direct employers. Paiger will do it's best to filter out any agencies. 

Top tip -  Search for your competitors and create alerts to stay updated on their activities. This way, you can keep an eye on what they are doing in the market.


Search by location

To refine your search, specify the location where you wish to discover job opportunities. You can search by country or city, although focusing on cities typically yields the best results.

Including the country in your search query is crucial. For instance, if you are interested in job openings in London, UK, make sure to input "London UK" in the location field.

Failure to include the country may result in receiving job leads from incorrect locations. For instance, you may end up with job listings for London in Canada instead of the UK.

Paiger will search within a 20-kilometre radius of the location you specify.

You can also filter by time frame and contract type if you wish. 

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Find market intelligence

Based on the criteria you set, we will display the specific job listings currently being promoted. You can then select 'find market intelligence' for the job role you searched for, which includes details on salary range and essential skills needed.

Add the job alert to 'My Assistant'

Stay informed with the latest job alerts by adding them to your assistant. Receive updates conveniently in your daily emails.

Access saved alerts in your Assistant by clicking on the drop-down menu at the top of the search bar.


Add a vacancy to "My Searches" and seamlessly create boolean strings to find canddiates, with just a click of a button.

Save your vacancies

You can conveniently save job openings and keep track of your saved listings, which can be downloaded as a CSV file.

Simply click on 'Saved Vacancies' to access your list.

Within the Saved Vacancies section, you will find a comprehensive list of all the job openings you have saved. Click on the Paiger link next to each listing to view the details, copy the link for sharing with prospects, or click on the company name to view the company on LinkedIn. 

saved vacancies