How to use Find Vacancies

Find Vacancies allows you to search job leads in your sector, and filter via job title and location.

Find Vacancies will deliver daily job leads to your recruiter's inbox from across the internet. We're scanning job boards, aggregators and career sites across the globe, filterable by job title and location, with over 90% of agency jobs removed for you and market intelligence.

To access, click Find Vacancies. 



Search by job title or company name

To narrow down your search, enter the location where you want to find job leads. We recommend specifying cities or towns instead of countries. Don't forget to include the country in your search query. For example, if you are looking for job opportunities in London, UK, enter "London UK" in the location field.

Paiger will conduct a search within a 20-kilometer radius of the location you specify.




Find market intelligence

Based on your filters, we'll show you exactly what jobs are being advertised at that time.

You can then click 'find market intelligence' for the role you have searched including salary range and key skills required.

Add the job alert to 'My Assistant'

To keep up to date with these job alerts, you can add them to your assistant and receive updates in your daily emails.

View alerts saved to your Assistant by clicking on the drop down at the top of the search bar. 


Add a vacancy to "My Searches" and seamlessly create boolean strings to find canddiates, with just a click of a button.

Save your vacancies

You can easily save vacancies. Keep a record of your previously saved vacancies and download this as a CSV.

Simply click 'saved vacancies' to view your record. 

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