How to share a post from The Vault

The Vault is a content library provided by your marketing team or admins.

To access, click on "Vault" on the left panel.

 From here, you can search for available posts by scrolling or inserting a keyword into the search box and selecting "Filter." 

Posts are shown in order, with the last shared post at the bottom of the page, which prevents content from becoming repetitive across multiple profiles. 

On this page, you have the ability to see the number of times a post has been shared, the date it was last shared, who last shared it, when you last shared it, and its expiration date. Additionally, you can conveniently filter posts by category and location.

Once you have found the post you would like to share, you can do one of the following:

  1. Share using Ghostwriter so you have a unique post written for you. 

  2. Share directly to LinkedIn as is, or make your own changes.

Then, you can schedule your post as normal. To find out how to schedule posts, click here.