How to set up white labelled links

We can white label Paiger.links to your desired domain.

In order to set up white labelled links, there are some steps you'll need to complete first and provide to us at We advise that a member of your tech or IT team carry out this work -

  1. Create an DNS / A record for your desired sub-domain.

  2. The record has to resolve to the following IP address (

  3. Let us know what your domain is at

  4. With the information, our tech team will need to complete the set-up.

  5. Once completed, it goes live without you having to do anything inside your Paiger account.

There is a 7 day turnaround for our tech team to complete the set-up.

If you need extra support from us, please let us know who your domain is registered with.

Please note, there is a set-up fee of £99, plus an additional cost of £10 + VAT per month for this service.



Any questions, please contact