How to set up predefined hashtags for your posts

In your settings, you can add your frequently used hashtags so that you can easily insert them into your posts with just a click of a button.

To add hashtags, go to 'My Assistant' and select 'Sites and Prompts'. Then, click on the 'Hashtags' link located in the top right corner.



In this section, you can enter the hashtags you want to use, by pressing the enter key on your keyboard after each one.

Remember, each hashtag should be written without any spaces between the words. For example, instead of "Recruitment Marketing", write it as "RecruitmentMarketing".

You also have the option to customise your settings:

  • Choose whether you want Paiger to suggest hashtags for your ghostwritten posts.
  • Decide whether you want the hashtags to appear at the end of your status update or as part of the update itself.
  • Select whether you want all hashtags to be included or if you prefer to have three chosen randomly.

These settings allow you to personalise your hashtag usage to suit your preferences.

We recommend sticking to around 3 hashtags so that you don't appear as spam on LinkedIn. 

Once you are happy, remember to click save.