How to set up and use audiences on LinkedIn

To effectively target your content on your LinkedIn company page, you can create custom audiences based on geography. Reach the right people in the right location and increase the relevance and effectiveness of your content.

How to create your custom audiences:

Head to My Assistant > Social Settings > LinkedIn Audiences

Here's where you create your custom audiences for scheduling your LinkedIn posts to different locations.

You don't need to have audiences set up in LinkedIn for them to work via Paiger. 

Type in the 'Name' and 'Description' of the audience you will build, then click Add.

Here, you can add your location, e.g. United Kingdom, or use towns and cities if you prefer. 

If you use cities, include the country. Example: 'London UK'.

Custom audience settings

How to share a post with a custom audience:

To use, click 'Share', and you'll now have an additional drop-down field to select the audience you want to share your post with:

Select the audience you would like to use and click share at the bottom of the page.