How to install the Google Chrome or Edge extension

Install our Chome extension to easily share content or jobs directly from any website.

What you can do with the extension

  • Schedule articles from across the web, add them to your queue or add the website as a source for your Assistant.
  • Manually share a job to your social media or get a job link to share it elsewhere. 
  • Research the company 

Chrome extension

How to install

On Google Chrome: 

Open the Chrome Web Store (or find it here), and click Add to Chrome.

The extension will let you know if they need certain permissions or data.

Once installed, the Paiger icon will appear in your Chrome toolbar (you may need to pin it so it becomes visible).

If you're using a computer at work, your organisation might block some extensions. Please speak with your IT team to resolve this.


On Microsoft Edge: 

Edge does support extensions from other stores, such as from the Chrome store but you need to enable this feature before you can install any Chrome extensions.


Here's how to do it:

  1. Open Microsoft Edge
  2. Click Settings and the more button
  3. Click Extension options
  4. Turn on the Allow extensions from other stores toggle switch
  5. Select Allow
  6. You then need to download the Chrome extension, head over to the Chrome web store and follow our instructions from the start of this article.