How to create and use categories in the Schedule

Organise your schedule by setting up categories and colour-coding for easy tracking of different types of posts.

In this article, we will guide you through the process of setting up categories and how to use them when creating a post.

How to set up your categories:

Go to the 'Schedule' tab and click on 'Edit Categories' located in the top right corner of the page.

Within this section, you have the option to create your own categories and choose a colour for each one.

Once you have created your categories, it's simple to add them while creating a new post. 

When you initially create categories, any posts already in the schedule will not be automatically assigned to those categories. The categories you create will only be applied to future posts.

Once you have set up your categories and added posts under them, you will be able to conveniently filter your schedule based on these categories.

To filter your schedule based on categories, simply click on the categories at the top of the schedule. If you want to reset the filter and go back to the normal view, just click on 'all'.

Categories settings

How to add a category to a post:

It is easy to add a category to a new post. Simply, navigate to 'Share' where you can create your post. 

Once you are happy with your post, you can add a category using the drop-down. 

All scheduled posts will be colour-coded in your schedule. 

Adding category to post