How to create a post using Canva inside Paiger

Paiger has integrated Canva, which allows you to effortlessly create images for your social media posts.

To use Canva inside Paiger, you need to create and be logged into a Canva account.

Paiger supports both Canva's free and pro plans. Any templates, images, graphics, frames, or fonts with a crown icon can only be used with a Canva pro account.  

Firstly, open up Canva inside Paiger. 

To do this, navigate to the 'share' page and click 'more' under the image box. 

This will open Canva as a pop-up. 

From here, you can design from scratch, use Canva templates, or use Brand Templates. 

Note - This integration doesn't support brand kits, so you won't be able to access brand fonts or colours from the 'Brand Kit' menu. 

With the integration, you will have access to:
  • Canva Templates
  • Brand Templates (if these are set up in your Canva premium account) 
  • Elements
  • Text
  • Uploaded images (These sync with your existing account but you can also upload when designing inside Paiger) 
  • Apps (where you can add items such as QR codes) 

If you are new to Canva and need a helping hand, we recommend reading their beginner's guide.

After you have finalised your design, simply click on the 'publish' button. Your design will immediately display within Paiger, where it will be ready for you to easily share with your social media post.

Using Canva-1