How to add Websites and Keywords to your Assistant

Your assistant will deliver you daily content suggestions based on your Websites and Keywords. It's essential that you set these up correctly to receive highly relevant content suggestions.

To access, click My Assistant and select either 'Add Websites',  'Choose Websites'.


Choose Websites

Which allows you to pick from a bank of recommended websites for each sector.

Simply choose your industry, Paiger will then suggest a list of websites for you to choose.

See the content for each website by clicking on the search button.

To add a website to your assistant, click the red '+' button. 

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Add Websites

To add a website, you will need to input the URL and Name of the website and once filled out, click Add Website.

You can also add categories to the website so that you can stay organised.

Important: Please ensure you're adding a particular page of a website. For example:



Add Keywords

To add Keywords, head to your dashboard.

From here, click 'Find Content' under 'Personal Brand'.

Type in your industry keywords as a boolean. For example: "Recruitment" AND "London" and click Search. 

We encourage you to play around with keywords so that you can find the right content for you. Try to avoid being both too niche or too generic, get the balance right and you'll have great content. 

Once you are happy with your search, click Add to my daily email.

Important: Always scan through your results to ensure you're happy.

For help on crafting an effective boolean, click here

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Find out how to add prompts to your assistant, here


How to edit or delete your Websites and Keywords

All of your prompts are listed in one place. From here, you can edit or delete. 

To edit, select the '📝' button to the right of the prompt. 

To delete, click the '❌' button. 

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