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How do I use My Searches
How do I create LinkedIn Audiences?
How does Ghostwriter+ work?
How does Ghostwriter work?

Image and Video requirements
Can I download my schedule?
How do I amend a post that hasn't gone out yet?
Can I tag external people in my LinkedIn posts?
How do I use Paiger's Content Bank?
How do I access Paiger TV?
How can I create attractive tiles for Instagram?
How do I remove a repeat re-share?
Can I select jobs to use in Hot Jobs?
Posting to Your Personal Facebook Profile
How do I use Hot Jobs?
How to set up white labelled links
Can I add subtitles to my videos?
Can I schedule my posts to Instagram?
Paiger & LinkedIn
Can I tag external companies in my LinkedIn posts?
How does Paiger source email addresses?
Can I bulk upload my broadcasts to my schedule?
How do I install the Chrome extension on Edge?
How do I activate Paiger in Broadbean?
Can I queue content via SMS?
Can I filter out paid subscription websites?
Do you have a phone number?
Can I post a LinkedIn poll via Paiger?
How do I tag my team in my LinkedIn posts?
How do I communicate with Paiger via a text message?
How do I delete a post from my schedule?
How do I Broadcast to my users?
How do I connect as a Lite User?
What is my marketing assistant?
How do I connect my social media accounts?
How can I send a Lite Users job out manually?
How do I add Websites and Keywords?
What is my Queue?
How do I remove a user?
How do I add a user?
Why does the click report differ to my Google Analytics?
How do I amend my job settings?
How do I customise the call to action (CTA) link on LinkedIn?
How do I use Vacancies?
How do I install the Paiger Google Chrome extension?
How is the Paiger Score calculated?
Paiger & Odro
OPML files, how do I use them?
How do I reactivate my Paiger account
How to schedule a video via Paiger
I'm not receiving emails, what do I need to do?