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Can I select jobs to use in Hot Jobs?You can select the 3 roles you'd like advertised in your Hot Jobs post.
How to set up white labelled linksWe can white label Paiger.links to your desired domain.
Can I add subtitles to my videos?You can automatically add your logo and subtitles to a recorded video. You can also edit your subtitles before sharing.
Can I schedule my posts to Instagram?Paiger supports sharing image and video content to Instagram business profiles.
Can I tag external companies in my LinkedIn posts?When sharing to LinkedIn, you're able to tag your external companies.
How does Paiger source email addresses?Understand how we source email information available inside Research.
Can I bulk upload my broadcasts to my schedule?You can bulk upload your broadcasts to your schedule via a CSV file and filter by location, departments and tags.
How do I install the Chrome extension on Edge?This article includes a guide to enabling chrome extensions on Edge.
How do I activate Paiger in Broadbean?
Can I queue content via SMS?This article covers how to queue content via SMS by texting your assistant.
Can I filter out paid subscription websites?This article includes details on how you can use keyword filters to remove paid subscription websites from your daily recommendations.
Do you have a phone number?For any urgent support queries, feel free to contact us via phone.
Can I post a LinkedIn poll via Paiger?
How do I tag my team in my LinkedIn posts?When sharing to LinkedIn, you're able to tag your company and colleagues.
How do I communicate with Paiger via a text message?SMS commands, tips and tricks
How do I delete a post from my schedule?If you change your mind about a post that's already been scheduled, you can remove it.
How do I Broadcast to my users?Schedule a share across your team's social media
What is my marketing assistant?
How do I connect my social media accounts?Connect LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to Paiger.
How can I send a Lite Users job out manually?Administrators can manually share our specific jobs for your Lite Users.
How do I connect as a Lite User?What is a lite user and how to connect my account?
What is my Queue?Queue content to regularly share across your social media.
How do I remove a user?If one of your users leaves the business, you'll need to reassign their account.
How do I add a user?Add new users, it's fun!
Why does the click report differ to my Google Analytics?
How do I amend my job settings?Amend your teams job settings.
How do I customise the call to action (CTA) link on LinkedIn?Create engaging posts by customising the CTA link.
How do I install the Paiger Google Chrome extension?Install our Chome extension to easily share content directly from different websites.
How is the Paiger Score calculated?Your assistant will create a Paiger Score per user based on the account activity.
OPML files, how do I use them?OPML files, how do I use them?
How do I reactivate my Paiger accountIf you've turned off your assistant, you can reactivate your account at anytime.
How to schedule a video via PaigerSchedule your video content with us!
I'm not receiving emails, what do I need to do?
How to: Optimise your LinkedIn postThe best way to optimise your LinkedIn posts and hack the LinkedIn algorithm
What do I need to provide for custom image templates?
How do I import my jobs into Paiger?
How to ensure Paiger can retrieve job information from your website
How can I report on traffic to my jobs?
What do I need to provide for custom GIF templates?
How to: Set-up a Boolean searchOptimise your content searching with Boolean searches.