Facebook made a number of changes to their platform on August 1st of 2018 to prioritize user safety and data privacy.

To publish to the News Feed on behalf of users, app developers must now use the standard Facebook sharing dialog. When using the Facebook sharing dialog you must supply a link to an external website.

How does this effect Paiger users?

In what ways is this important? We are bound to the dimensions of the link image because Facebook forces you to use a link.

If you upload a large image to Facebook, you might expect it to maintain its dimensions and display the entire image. That will not happen with the Facebook share dialog.

As of the writing of this document (Jan 1st 2020) the dimensions for a link image are 1200px x 628px.

What other effects are there?

The Facebook share dialog also prohibits the use of Pre-fill messages. You can learn more about Facebook's Pre-fill policy here.

No scheduled posts

Lastly, the Facebook share dialog makes it impossible to schedule a post in advance.

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