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How to set up white labelled links
How to set up white labelled links

We can white label Paiger.links to your desired domain.

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In order to set up white labelled links, there are some steps you'll need to complete first and provide to us at [email protected]. We advise that a member of your tech or IT team carry out this work -

  1. Create an DNS / A record for your desired sub-domain.

  2. The record has to resolve to the following IP address (

  3. Let us know what your domain is at [email protected].

  4. With the information, our tech team will need to complete the set-up.

  5. Once completed, it goes live without you having to do anything inside your Paiger account.

There is a 7 day turnaround for our tech team to complete the set-up.

If you need extra support from us, please let us know who your domain is registered with.

Please note, there is a set-up fee of £99, plus an additional cost of £10 + VAT per month for this service.

Any questions, please contact [email protected].

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