You're able to connect your Instagram business profile and schedule image and video content to be shared.

To connect --- you will need to click My Settings and select Facebook.

Once logged into Facebook, it will ask you to select which Instagram business profiles you'd like to share to. If you have already connected Facebook, you'll need to click Facebook again and reconnect.

This integration is only for business profiles NOT personal or creator accounts.

After you have connected Facebook, you will be able to see Instagram as an option to select on the Share tab when scheduling your posts.

To access -- along the left hand menu, click Share.

You will need to add media into your post in order to share to Instagram as it will not accept text posts only. Paiger supports sharing both image and video content to Instagram.

This integration supports the sizing of job designs and for content, the sizing dimensions should be 1080 x 1080.

For other images, the requirements are as follows --

  • Minimum width: 320

  • Maximum width: 1440

If you schedule a piece of content out to all connected social platforms including Instagram and it contains a link, it will post the image and status to Instagram only unless you have set up Instagram Links.

As Instagram doesn't support sharing links within the description of your post, you'll need to set-up Instagram Links inside your Paiger account. This can be accessed via My Settings.

This will generate a unique Paiger Link that you can add into your Instagram bio. Going forward, all automatic job posting links can be accessed via this link in your bio.

For non-job shares that you'd like to include a link for, you'll need to include this in the link section of your post and once posted, the link in your bio will be automatically updated with this link.

Here's a video walkthrough on how to connect Instagram:

Summary of the video:

  • How to connect Instagram via Facebook

  • How to schedule to Instagram

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