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Can I tag external companies in my LinkedIn posts?
Can I tag external companies in my LinkedIn posts?

When sharing to LinkedIn, you're able to tag your external companies.

Updated over a week ago

Within your Paiger account you're able to tag external companies in your posts.

To Access --- Click My Assistant and select the Social Settings drop down. Now click into Tagging.

You can search by the company name, or copy their LinkedIn company page URL in order to 'Add' them.

Tip: Use the Paiger Chrome Extension to add companies straight from LinkedIn!

An administrator within the Paiger account can also add Global tags that the whole team has access to.

How do I know my tag has worked?

To Access --- Click Share

In the status box, you can starting typing either your colleagues name or your company name.

The Tag icon will appear underneath, and will turn green so you can click to check what you have tagged.

You can type the '@' symbol in the status box in order to search which external companies that you can tag.

Here's a video that explains this feature:

The video will cover the following things for you -

  • How to add a company for tagging

  • Making tags available to the whole team

  • How to check who've you've tagged

  • Searching for people you are able to tag

Tip: Did you know you can also tag external people?

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