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Can I bulk upload my broadcasts to my schedule?
Can I bulk upload my broadcasts to my schedule?

You can bulk upload your broadcasts to your schedule via a CSV file and filter by location, departments and tags.

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The bulk uploader lets you upload your broadcasted content in bulk via a CSV file.

You can filter your broadcasts by location, department or tags.

Tip: Although they are not all mandatory, when using all three filters you need to make sure they all match.

If you'd like to filter by using multiple tags, you must use a ; symbol in between each tag. For example: "Sales;marketing". This would send your broadcast to anyone with a sales tag or marketing tag.

After completing the spreadsheet, you must save the file as a .CSV before uploading inside your Paiger account.

To access -- Click Share

You can download the spreadsheet template here.

The video covers the following things for you:

  • How to set up the spreadsheet

  • How to use locations, departments and tags to filter

  • How to add tags to a user profile

  • How to upload into Paiger

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