Your daily suggestions are based on your websites and keywords which means if you're using boolean searches, it might find articles from websites that require a subscription.

This is great if you have a subscription to that particular site however, if you're sharing this across your network, your connections might not be able to access it.

So, your assistant can use keyword filters to remove these websites altogether.

To access -- Click My Settings & select Filters then click Keyword Filters

Once you have opened up your keyword filters, you will see an option to exclude keywords under 'must not contain any of:'.

To filter out these websites, simply copy and paste the website URL like this:

followed by a comma to separate and repeat the process for any website you're looking to avoid.

It should start to look something like this:

And, hit Save Changes. Once set up, your assistant will filter out any suggestions from these particular websites.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact [email protected].

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