LinkedIn added dwell time to the algorithm back in 2020 and this is still impacting your posts as the algorithm measures:

1. How long a post is shown in screen

2. If people click “see more”

This means it is important to hold attention on your post. But it's not just about the quality of your content, it's also about the format of your content.

The formats found hitting the feed (as of April 22):

  • Text with single image 22%

  • Text only 18%

  • Native video 11% and new impressions are suggesting a boost to these soon

  • Polls 7% with LinkedIn are starting to penalise click-bait polls

  • Posts with external links 6%

  • Text with document slides 5%

Your best option: text with a single image or text only will perform the best.

6 top tips on writing a post

Write like you talk

Don't write your posts based on how you think you should talk. But, instead be you. Be human. Write your post in the same way you would email a friend.

Short sentences

Short and snappy sentences perform best. Your new lines don't always mean new thoughts and there's no pressure to make them perfect. Each line should play off of each other.

Use pronouns

Pronouns are essential. You. Me. We. I. Write in first person! That's how we talk and it appears much more authentic.

Get us to read more

First line, break then second line. Remember, the aim of your first line is to get people to read the second line by clicking read more.

Real examples

It comes back to keeping it authentic. But, fill your posts with real examples. Not perfectly edited images or Google photos. Remind people that you're real.

The structure

The tried and tested formula for your structure. Catchy headline --- Context --- Opinion --- CTA.

Ending your post with a strong CTA (call to action) encourages comments and engagement.

Important advice: We recommend 3-5 hashtags. Posts with less than 3 or more than 5 hashtags have 20-40% less reach.

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