Your Queue is your own hand-picked content list and by queueing content, your assistant will save you time by automatically sharing your queued content at the right time aligning with your frequency.

To access this --- Select Queue along the left hand menu

This is where you'll be able to view your queued content and edit any updates.

It's very quick to queue content and it can be done via your morning email. It's a simple as selecting the Queue button and your assistant will automatically begin to share your queue in chronological order.

By default, your Queue will always share automatically however, you can turn on an approval setting which means you'll remain in control. Turning the approval step on means that your assistant will send you an email/SMS when it's ready to be shared.

Important: Your Queue will never spam your network and always align with your account sharing frequency.

Related tip: Keeping your Queue topped up with relevant content means you'll remain active across your social media.

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