If you've previously turned off your assistant, you can reactive your account at any time.

To access --- Click My Settings.

The first step to reactivating Paiger is to connect your social media accounts. This can be done by clicking the social icons along the left hand menu.

Once connected, you will need to make sure the following settings are turned on:

  • The morning email

  • Social Assistant

Paiger will help you build your personal brand by allowing you to queue or schedule curated content straight from your inbox or Chrome! Your assistant will continue to monitor your websites and keywords, sending you an email every morning with the latest content in your industry.

You can queue content for your assistant to share alongside your scheduled posts or job adverts.

Your assistant will continue to automatically advertise your latest roles across social media, creating an engaging status including the job title, salary and location shared with a branded template.

You never have to worry about putting someone off applying for your job because Paiger will automatically check for gender bias, spelling errors and swear words!

If you have any questions on reactivating your Paiger account, please contact [email protected].

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