Paiger sends emails through a 3rd party mail provider with a 99% delivery rate, sometimes our emails cannot reach you however and we'll talk you through some common steps to putting that right.

Focused inbox for Outlook

If you're running Microsoft Outlook, there is a chance our emails are going to your "other" folder, rather than your focused inbox.

If you're not sure what a focused inbox is, you can read this article to find out more:

To solve this moving forward, locate our email in your "other" folder, right click and select "Always move to focused".

SPAM Filters

As Paiger is delivering you news articles, it's possible that certain keywords trigger your spam defences. 

We recommend whitelisting our sending domain which is and our dedicated IP address For completeness and forward-compatibility, please also whitelist

If you are unable to whitelist an entire domain, our emails currently come from [email protected] but we strongly suggest whitelisting the entire domains in case this changes in the future.

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