Paiger provides a website widget so you can share news you share on your social channels onto your website simultaneously.

Only Paiger account administrators can access the widget code.

To access --- Click My Settings and select Embed.

You can also add and remove articles from your website shares here too.

Once you have the code, you can send this to your website developer for implementation. The code should be placed exactly where you want the news to be displayed.

For example, if you're using WordPress and would like the industry news to display in your sidebar, you can add custom HTML to your sidebar widgets:

If you have any questions please contact us.

If this option is unavailable in your account, please contact [email protected]


Customising the look of your news widget

Iframely (The easy way)

We've integrated with to allow you to easily choose the look and feel of your news widget. 

Simply create an account with them and use the JavaScript API to bring your news to life. A quick start guide is to add the follow snippet:

<script async charset="utf-8" src="//"></script>

after your Paiger widget code, replacing API_KEY with your own Iframely API key. 

Please note, Iframely has separate charges to your Paiger subscription.

CSS (The hard way)

By default, news articles are outputted into h2 tags, the tags are children of a div tag with the class name of 'contentRow'.

If you wanted to style the news, for example, making the headline red; you can include the following CSS rule:

.contentRow h2 { color: red; }

Unfortunately we cannot offer support in how to use CSS and would recommend utilising the Iframely integration to style your news widget if you're unsure.

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