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How do I import my jobs into Paiger?
How do I import my jobs into Paiger?
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If you're just using Paiger to share to your company's social media pages, please get in touch with the support team to have this set up for you.

If you have additional users on the Paiger platform, we will work with your website provider to segregate jobs by the person hiring for them.

If your website is provided by one of our partners, please let your Account Manager know so we can send you specific instructions on how to implement this. Our partners are:

If your website provider is not in the above list, please send them the following information so they can provide you with the relevant feeds for our system to synchronise with your website:


We're working with Paiger ( to automate our social job sharing on behalf of our consultants.

In order to utilise the platform, we need to be able to extract jobs based on the recruiter that owns the role. In the past they have done this in a number of ways:

Option 1:

Pulling jobs from a consultant "about" page.  If your website has a page that showcases your consultant and the roles they currently have open, Paiger can pull the jobs from this page. Can you provide an example URL if this is supported? 

Option 2:

The search results page accepts an additional GET parameter that filters the jobs to a consultant, this can be the name but email is preferable. For example:

Please provide an example URL of how the search results page can be filtered by consultant.

Option 3:

The website provider supports an RSS feed per consultant that contains their latest roles.

Do you support either of these options? If so, please provide the relevant information so I can pass this onto Paiger. 

Alternatively, Paiger can also look at any API documentation you may have. If this is the best option, can you send any documentation for the Paiger team to review?

I've cc'd my Customer Success Manager at Paiger on this email so they can answer any questions you may have."

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