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Why does the click report differ to my Google Analytics?
Why does the click report differ to my Google Analytics?
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Sometimes Paiger might show more clickthroughs than your analytics on your website, this can happen for a number of reasons.

  1. We record clicks much earlier in the process than your website. If a user clicks on a link, but then clicks the back button or closes the tab, this may register in Paiger but not on your website.

  2. Google Analytics (and other providers) run in JavaScript which is run on the visitors browser, whereas Paiger records the click on the server-side. If a visitor does not have JavaScript enabled, or is running an ad-blocker, your analytics may not record the click.

  3. Spiders, robots and all sorts. We know that sounds odd, but sometimes people clicking on links aren't human. Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn for example all visit websites programatically before they are shared onto their platforms. We do our best to filter these clicks out, as do Google, but the way we do this may differ, sometimes leading to a discrepancy in clicks.

We hope this helped, but if not, please get in touch with Support to talk to us.

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