Paiger administrators have access to broadcast content to their users.

To access --- Click Share and use the ‘Who would you like to broadcast to?’ box

By clicking on the 'Broadcast to...' text field, you should see a full list of your users.

Important: Only connected users will appear in this list. If they haven't yet connected their social media channels and set-up their Social Assistant, they will not appear here.

The first drop down allows you to choose when you’d like the action to happen.

The second drop down is where you can choose the action itself. You can have the users post it to their own feed (with approval on or approval off). Alternatively, you can choose the automatically like on LinkedIn.

Important: The automatic like will only work on the company LinkedIn page.

You are able to action one option at a time, however, it is possible to have users auto-like and post to their feeds, by following these steps -

You’d first choose in the broadcasting section ‘Automatically like on LinkedIn

and select the company LinkedIn page.

Create and share your post as normal.

Once shared, stay on the same page and choose either ‘Require users to approve this post’ or ‘Automatically post’, untick the company LinkedIn page and share the post.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to [email protected]

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